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Apply for Linux Systems Administrator-Temp Position

The System Administrator’s role is to ensure availability of Linux/Unix services and stable operation of the computing environment, including hardware, operating systems, applications and network connectivity. This includes planning, installing, configuring, maintaining and optimizing technical solutions through tasks and projects. The System Administrator also analyzes and resolves incidents and problems, including those submitted by end users, in a timely and accurate manner, providing training or consulting where required.


• Daily monitoring and maintenance of over 50+ Linux/Unix Servers
• Perform Backups, snap copies and script management for Servers
• Work with Symantec Netbackup administrator to install and configure Daily/Weekly backups. This also includes SAN Snap copies
• Test and apply new software and maintenance patches, including patch management services
• Administrative scripting with Perl and Shell
• Perform other job related duties as required

Technical skills:

• Advanced technical knowledge of and skills to administer:
o Red Hat Linux/HP-UX operating systems
o Enterprise infrastructure services, such as NFS, LDAP, Satellite Server, Puppet, REV
o Linux software services, such as Apache/TomCat, Subversion, SSH, firewalls
o x86 server hardware from major OEMs and virtual machines in VMware.
• Ability to build and manage physical and virtual machines with the Linux operating system.
• Ability to develop automation in Perl.
• Ability to compile and support open source Linux software.
• Working knowledge of networks and other hardware, operating systems and services that interoperate with the Linux environment.
• Ability to identify opportunities then develop and assimilate various technologies to improve our computing services.

Other skills:

• Systematic trouble-shooting and problem solving skills.
• Attention to detail (organizing information, being accurate).
• Demonstrated commitment to quality (including testing and validation).
• Strong customer focus and commitment to customer support.
• Effective planning, prioritizing, goal setting skills.
• Ability to communicate effectively with staff and end users of all levels.
• Adept at reading, writing and interpreting technical documentation and procedure manuals.
• Ability to conduct research for new solutions using industry standards, best practices and products.
• Strong personal interest in technology and awareness of industry standards or best-known methods.

*Performs other related duties and assignments as required

Experience/training/education requirements:

• Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
• College diploma or university degree in the field of computer science and 3 years relevant work experience or 5 – 7 years of relevant work experience.
• Certifications in Red Hat or similar operating systems and related technologies a plus.
• Perl programming experience required. Other scripting or programming (shell, TCL, PHP) a plus.
• UNIX programming (C/C++, make, lint, web-based or traditional applications) preferred.
• UNIX system internals (IPC, file locks, memory management, performance tuning) preferred.
• Solid educational foundation in a wide variety of Computer Science fundamentals (algorithms, networking, etc.) preferred.
• Knowledge of applicable data privacy laws and practices.
• HPUX experience desirable

The above Essential Duties & Responsibilities list includes those duties and responsibilities for which the position exists and which must be satisfactorily performed in order to be successful in the position. However the job description is not intended to be an all inclusive listing of work requirements.

Location : Carlsbad, CA
Duration : Feb to May 2013
Type : Onsite Contractor
Working Hrs : 8 am to 5 pm, support after hours and weekends on need basis

Location Pay rateTax term
Carlsbad, CA, United States DOEW2 Employee

We're sorry, but the Linux Systems Administrator-Temp Position position has been closed.

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